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What People Have to Say About Us

My partner and I were separating and fell several months behind on payments. We were about to be foreclosed on and just didn’t need that on our record. Susan and Scott came in and made us a very fair offer (compared to all the rest) and they were very credible people. They worked around our moving schedule and helped us out in many other ways. They are the best and I would highly recommend using them.

Alicia Haynes – Lancaster


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Susan and Scott. My home was being foreclosed on and they came in and bought it and gave me some money to move to a new place. It was a very, very scary time for me. I had gotten sick, lost my job and was just getting back on my feet. My house was just too big for me now that all my kids are grown, and I needed to get something smaller. Having a foreclosure on my record would have killed me and they were able to stop that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Latresha Coleman – Lancaster


My Dad passed away last year and after a long battle with the probate courts I was free to sell his property. I wanted out as fast as I possibly could, and they went above and beyond to close the deal in just a few short weeks. They are very professional and even called me up when they were finished to see the end product. I couldn’t believe the difference. They really did an amazing job and they were just delightful to work with.

Bill Crimson – Irving


My mother left me her property and it was a mess. I’m in my 70’s and just couldn’t take on the project of remodeling. I reached out to S2Equities and they were very accommodating. They even helped me remove all the stuff from her house. I met with many companies and settled on them because they were extremely professional and credible. There are a lot of shady investors out there….and they are not in that category. I would highly recommend using Susan and Scott if you have a property to sell. They did everything they said they would do.

Brian Benson – Grand Prairie


Scott and Susan are truly about as good as they come. I have witnessed first hand each of them going out of their way, time and time again, to add value to our lives at JZ Home Buyers with methodical training, wisdom sharing, and guidance from the trials and tribulations they each have gone through in their careers up to this point. When learning from those who have done literally thousands of deals, you can't help but notice a few trends. The most common trend i've noticed with Susan and Scott is their proclivity to give without expecting anything in return. If you are wondering if you should do business with these amazing people I am here to tell you that it is truly a no brainer. They exceed the expectations each and every time and it's been such a blessing to have them as mentors in my life and my career.

Justin Peters

Owner & CEO , JZ Home Buyers

Honest, trustworthy, and very professional! Susan & Scott are extremely knowledgeable and compassionate about finding a solution to your mortgage problems. If you require assistance, then look no further. Call them now!!

Randy & Sonya C – Grand Prairie, TX


"I inherited my Dad's property after he passed away, but the house was not up to code in many areas. I wasn't going to be able to get refinancing or homeowner's insurance coverage unless I spent several thousand dollars that I just couldn't afford. When I contacted Susan and Scott, they came out, made me a fair offer and removed a huge burden off of my shoulders during an already difficult time for me. I would highly recommend Susan and Scott to anyone who finds themselves with inherited/distressed property that they need to dispose of. They will work with you fairly and honestly."

Vernon C.


Best decision we’ve made since gaining an unexpected inheritance property was calling Susan and Scott. They were empathetic to our situation, but patient too. Our probate process took months to progress and Susan reassured us along the way. I felt we were in control of the process, never pressured or rushed. I recommend Susan and Scott to anyone with a property to sell. She will take great care of you!

Terry P – Grand Prairie, TX


My elderly father was left in a very vulnerable situation with other family members after my mother passed away without a will. The house was the only nest egg in his possession and Scott and Susan helped protect him and secure his financial future; they insured that no one other than my father could exercise ownership over the house. We endured trials and tribulations with our situation, but they never batted an eye or faltered in step when it came to support for our family. Many people come out of the woodworks looking for money when it comes to financial gain, but Scott and Susan were with us every step of the way and even went above and beyond to make sure my dad made the trip from TX to MA soundly and safely.

Sonya B. and Jim L.


I was so impressed with the personal service I received from Susan and Scott that I felt compelled to write this. My husband passed and left his estate to me and I was in a probate situation where step kids were holding out their hands, wanting to take away what was mine. Scott helped navigate me through the muddy legal matters and Susan helped me with a plan to move across the country and sell my belongs. I couldn’t have done it without them and I’m eternally grateful for all they did for me.

Marilyn E.


I was in a difficult situation after a divorce. I had fallen far behind on my mortgage, but due to my mortgage balance and additional substantial liens on my property, I could not sell it. I was stuck and facing foreclosure. I met with Scott and Susan and through their creative approach to my property I was able to sell my house, pay off my mortgage and stop the foreclosure. Thanks Scott and Susan!

Jesse R. Diaz


If it were not for Susan and Scott, I would have been in a very bad situation. I sold my home that was facing foreclosure to another investor. Weeks in, the deal kept changing and I was about to get nothing and be homeless. Susan followed up with me to see how I was doing, after I had rejected her offer (who does that?) Thanks goodness she did. She and Scott met with me and helped me out of the situation I was in with the other investor, and bought my home. I can’t thank them enough, they were my angels. They were kind, patient and very compassionate. I would gladly recommend them to anyone.

Neysa Strauss


There are not enough great things I can say about Susan Tierney and her business partner, Scott Horne. They turned an awful, unfortunate situation into something quite bearable. Susan and Scott are not only professional but beyond compassionate. They bought my mother’s house after the bank was threatening foreclosure. Knowing it was going to be difficult to find her a suitable place to live, they bent over backwards to work with us. My mother was able to live in the house for several months while we found her home. Susan even helped us move on her own personal time. I could go on and on about this team! I highly recommend them from a business standpoint, very professional.

Sheri Warren


After 15 years of being a landlord, I was ready to retire and sell my investment home. I received a letter from Susan and decided to call. She made me a fair offer and took care of every single detail. Scott helped me with all the legal details regarding the sale of my property and existing tenant issues. They were both very kind and professional. I live in California and have never met either one of them in person, we did everything over the phone and through email. It was a seamless process. You can trust these two to do what they say they will do. I enjoyed working with them both.

Sandy Stimson


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